Letter from us.

We are always looking for people who want to work together to create a "strong and kind future" with passion, ambition, and sometimes calm judgment, in order to illuminate the world's truly "good companies" and update capitalism.

We are using data science to lead the world in a "strong and kind" direction. Until now, corporate value has been judged based on the strength of economic power, but from now on, we need a new approach to capitalism that includes the kindness of environmental and social contributions. Through the visualization of non-financial data that we are researching and developing, we will create a society where management and investment can be judged based on cost-effectiveness, including not only economic effects but also environmental and social contributions.

Full remote working is available, so people with childcare, outside the Tokyo metropolitan area or overseas can also participate. If you are interested in working at startups in the area of sustainability, ESG, and social contribution, please contact us!
1.Data Scientist
・document screening
・interview in about 2 times(+Additonal interview if need)
・aptitude test for culture fit
*It takes about 1-1.5month to offer.
*Basically, interview is conducted on Zoom.
*Reference check and skill test would be conducted if need.